“As a student I appreciate Aunty Val’s patience, teaching ability and techniques of explaining the math, attention to specific exam questions before exams and tests, repeated revision of difficult matters and her overall experience and attitude toward my personal needs.

I highly recommend aunty Val.”

Donnay Adendorff, Gr 12 pupil,
Alexander Rd High School

“Donnay truly enjoys your tutoring and I wish that we had discovered you earlier! Thank you so much.”

Donnay’s mom Suzette

“This is a recommendation letter for Mrs Val Viljoen – Maths Matters PE. For the past several years, Val has been giving my son, Keegan Friend, extra maths lessons, and the results have been astounding.

We as parents were at our wits end as Keegan was failing maths and as a result of his lack of understanding and comprehension of maths, he totally disliked the subject.

Thanks to Val all that changed. Her patience, attention, encouragement and belief in Keegan is what helped him achieve better marks as time has passed. Keegan has grown to enjoy and appreciate ‘maths’ to the extent that he has been able to take PURE MATHS as a subject from grade 10 to matric.

I encourage all students struggling with maths to contact Val, I can assure you that your grades will definitely improve.

Thank you Val for giving Keegan the courage and confidence he needed in maths to achieve a much improved grade.”

 Claire – proud mother of Keegan
DF Malherbe High School

“Our son enjoyed his lessons with Val and found it very helpful. He also enjoyed the small classes. Always came from the classes in a good mood.

He marks improved by 20% from the first term and his marks stayed constant throughout the rest of the year.”

 Tony and Marietjie Howden, parents of a pupil at
Pearson High School

Ever since attending extra maths with Val, my maths marks increased and I was able to acheive a 61% on my final exams, something I never thought would be possible without the help of Val. Thus, I am grateful to have met Val and to have gotten help from her.

Her method of teaching really helped me to understand the work much better.

I really struggled with math for the better part of my life and ever since meeting Val I felt that I understood math in a better light. I no longer struggled with math terminology.

Bontle Gum, pupil at
Elsen Academy

“Val Viljoen has been tutoring both my daughters, now in Grade 10 and Grade 12, over the past three years.and Grade 12, over the past three years.

They have been involved in group classes, individual sessions and specialized help with maths tasks and assignments. Val has always tried to accommodate them if they have needed extra help unexpectedly.

Val has always been exceedingly professional and both my daughters have maintained ‘A’ aggregates for most of their school careers.
I have no reservations on highly recommending her as a maths tutor.”

 Louise  Parker, mother of two
Collegiate High School pupils

“Math is a tough subject, and I know very few students who enjoy it. My daughter was certainly not one of them. Although Andi was not failing the subject, she was certainly not achieving what can be referred to as a great result.

At the beginning of Andi’s Gr 10 year, she was obtaining marks in the region of 40% for her Math exams. The balance of Andi’s subject results was well acceptable and as parents we realised we needed to get additional, higher quality and specialised training and guidance for Andi with her Math subject.

We identified, on recommendation, the services of Maths Matters and yourself, Val Viljoen, as being a competent educator in terms of extra Math classes.

Andi started attending weekly extra Math classes at Maths Matters and by the end of her Grade 11 year, was achieving in the 80% for her Math exams.

As parents, we can say without any doubt, this incredible improvement, was as a direct result of the additional quality education and subject knowledge offered by you Val. The improvements however cannot only be attributed to your outstanding knowledge of the subject but, in many ways, your overall attitude towards your students.

Anyone who knows Andi, will relate to her as a kind natured person and as a result works far better with anyone who offers a caring and supportive character. This certainly holds true for you Val. Andi would come home after her first few classes and comment how great it was to spend time with you and that it was as if she had known you for many years. It was never a problem for you to attend to her supposedly “silly” questions and to take time to make sure that Andi truly understood the answers on each question.

As parents, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for being an absolutely amazing teacher Val, and for making such a positive impact on Andi the last 2 years of her high school career. We will certainly continue to make use of your services during Andi’s Matric year and are now relaxed and confident that she will pass her Matric Maths year end exam.

We could not let another year go by without letting you know what a positive difference you have made in not only Andi’s life, but as parents, our lives as well. You are a very gifted teacher and we feel extremely fortunate to have had you giving Andi extra Math classes during her high school career.

Thank you and we look forward to watching Andi go from strength to strength in her Math subject results during her Matric year ahead.”

Brian and Geraldine Turner, parents of Gr 12 pupil
Westering High School

“My son has been attending extra maths lessons with Val for 18 months.

She is a patient teacher who thoroughly revises all work taught at school. The work is explained well and my son has come away with a better understanding and knowledge of maths principles. This has prepared him well for tests and exams.

She has been very accommodating and always taken him for additional lessons in preparation for exams where and when necessary.

Lynley Cole, mother of a Gr 10 pupil at
Grey High School

My son was struggling with mathematics and after a few lessons with MATHS MATTERS he improved his marks.
I also appreciate the passion and guidance given to each student.

My son has since progressed to the next grade and is much more comfortable in mathematics.

Thank you, MATHS MATTERS, you make a tremendous difference in our children’s learning.

Blessing Maruga, father of a pupil at
DF Malherbe High School


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